You want to do something tangible to fight against the sadness in the world? This is it!
Together we can build a for-profit venture that creates opportunities and multiply it all over the world.
What we offer:
⇒ Participation at our social, environmental, conscious and profitable business.
⇒ An opportunity to improve lives while making a reasonable return on investment.
What we are looking for:
⇒ Investors whose contributions ideally go beyond pure financial investment by sharing personal knowledge, contacts and other involvement.
⇒ Partners and friends who share our vision and dream of co-creating a new kind of hotel experience – one that creates happiness for all stakeholders.
What to do next:
⇒ Send a message to so we get to know each other – we are happy to provide an investment brochure in the case of mutual interest.
⇒ Together we develop an investment proposal that is customized to your needs and abilities to contribute.
⇒ We join forces to realize our common vision – welcome to team Asiadomes!