Designed to minimize Environmental Impact
⇒ When you build a house, you have to destroy nature and the house will last forever. Our domes are easily removable and are standing on platforms to preserve our beautiful nature.
⇒ The American Institute of Architects calls the geodesic dome “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” Its spherical form is composed of triangular facets, birthed from Buckminster Fuller’s goal of creating a structure analogous to nature’s own designs.
⇒ Our water and energy solutions make sure, we only have a low carbon emission and compared to normal resort buildings, our AsiaDomes use 1/3 less energy for air-conditioning! The ambient airflow inside the dome is continuous, with no stagnant corners, requiring less energy to circulate air and maintain even temperatures.
Designed to maximize Social Impact
Many Thai communities around us are struggling with low income and no access to personal development resources. We will create a “Development Fund” to provide personal development initiatives for our employees and their families. In fact, each night in a dome that is sold will contribute to a personal development experience for a person in need. This resort will generate jobs and innovate opportunities for people who need it most.